Entertainment Agency

1. Under this agreement the artiste/s are responsible for his/her/their income tax and national insurance.

2. It is required that the artistes arrival times at venues allow the artiste/s to set up all equipment and Properties used in his/her/their act, and set such equipment (including sound checking) in adequate time for the performance, or any foregoing item on the programme. If deemed necessary, the artiste should make arrangements with the venue management to gain early access.

3. The artiste agrees to supply a complete and adequate sound system for all his/her/their performance (unless otherwise advised in this agreement)

4. The artiste/s undertake(s) to operate the herein contracted performance/s in a self-contained manner (unless otherwise stated herein)

5. The artiste/s is / are to perform his/her/their act, as known, as stated in the schedule performance.

6. The artiste/s accept/s legal responsibility for all musical, visual and spoken content. Artiste/s agrees to conduct themselves at all times in a professional manner, which is deemed reasonable by the venue management.

7. Health and safety: a) this agreement requires that the artiste/s and the hirer/venue management shall be responsible for their own public liability insurance. (parties to this agreement may require viewing of certification of such cover.b) The artiste/s agrees/s herewith to have p.a.t. (portable appliance test) certificate, for all equipment which will be using the venues electricity supply.c) the venue management or hirer agrees to supply a safe working environment and adequate dressing facilities for the artiste/s and to ascertain that there is adequate lighting on all steps equipment loading areas etc, and that all stages raised areas of work have a white stripe on all drop edges.

8. The Artiste/s agree/s to pay Pridmore Leisure (the agency) an agreed commission as per this confirmation agreement. Remittance to be made within seven days of invoice from the agency (their authorised representatives or executors) unless herein stated.

9. No negotiation of re-engagement of the services of the artiste/s shall be entered into between artiste and the hirer/venue management without the consent of the aforementioned employment agency.

10. The venue management or hirer guarantees that all licensing regulations have been adhered to and that all necessary licensing requirements for the fulfilment of this agreement are in place.

11.Cancellation: Any cancellation of this agreement shall be sent to Pridmore Leisure business address by Recorded delivery mail. Cancellation by either party shall be subject to the consent of all parties concerned.
a) Cancellation by the venue management or hirer shall result in the venue management or hirer becoming responsible for the agreed agency commission/s on the fees set out overleaf, for booking work already done on their behalf and may result in the artiste/s claiming their full contract fee/s from the venue management or hirer.
b) Cancellation of this agreement by the artiste/s may result in the artiste/s paying the agency agreed commission/s. The hirer may wish to take action against the artiste for publicity costs. Loss of earnings etc.
c) Should the artiste/s need to cancel due to sickness or accident, the artiste/s is/are required to supply a full medical certificate, or any official confirmation of the necessary cancellation.
d) Should the artiste/s be unable to fulfil this agreement, the agency undertakes to endeavour to replace the artiste/s with a substitute of similar calibre, upon agreement with the venue management. Hirer.

12 The Artiste/s guarantees that he/she they are not contracted in any way which may affect him/her/them from fulfilling this agreement and will enter into no such agreement.

13.Should this agreement be for a band or unit of personnel the addressee (or representative) for the unit accepts responsibility for all members of the band /unit in all terms expressed herein, including agency commissions.

14. Should the contracted artiste/s be a children’s entertainer/s the venue management or hirer agrees that a responsible adult person will be in attendance at all times between arrival and departure of the artiste/s

15The artiste/s or their representatives are to contact Pridmore Leisure within 4 days of the herein contracted date/s to verbally reaffirm agreement details, ascertain geographical direction etc.failure to do this may invalidate this agreement with the artiste/s or their representative and the artiste may be replaced at the discretion of the employment agency.

16. Should this agreement include the artiste/s agreeing a ‘ no pick up’ fee the agency will pay the artiste/s within ten days of receipt of `fee/s from the venue management /hirer/promoter.

17. Should the artiste/s not be able to complete the scheduled performance due to any force majeure fire flood storm damage strikes war or national mourning, which directly affects the venue hirer, the artiste will not be paid the agreed salary, there may be however negotiation to mitigate loss of earnings.

18. All deposits are non –refundable.Pridmore Leisure (The employment agency) act as an agency for both the hirer/venue management and the artiste/s. the agency negotiator in the above agreement. Every reasonable safeguard for all parties is guaranteed to be by Pridmore Leisure, their representatives or executors

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